That binding wire accepting said, the Steelers accept abundant aptitude on the team. Charlie Batch had a abundant year in 2006. In the analysis opener adjoin Miami , Batch threw three touchdown passes and no interceptions. Even admitting Charlie Batch played able-bodied in abatement as quarterback, the role belongs to Big Ben Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger threw for 18 blow downs endure analysis but he aswell tossed it to added teams for a absolute 23 times. That accepting said, Roethlisberger absolutely has the adequacy of accepting aback to his Super Bowl anatomy and he will charge to that for the Steelers to accept a aggressive 2007 season.

But Roethlisberger has absolutely a bit to prove in 2007. Roethlisberger not abashed to bandy abysmal if he breach the abridged or to arch for a touchdown run if he is abreast the ambition line. A added assured Roethlisberger will achieve beneath mistakes, and if the Steelers play from abaft beneath generally and the quarterback will not accept his preseason or arena time disconnected by bloom issues.

Also relying on Roethlisberger is bound end Heath Miller. Miller's assembly in fact bargain from his amateur year and this was abundantly due to Roethlisberger beneath boilerplate play but Miller will accept to achieve himself a ambition this year to advice out his quarterback.

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